Cupstock paper is a food-safe paper, suitable for both hot and cold food as well as beverages.Each base paper consists of 2 orĀ 3 layers, known as ply. This does not allow liquids from leaking, penetrating through and getting absorbed into the inner layers of the paper ply. With this attribute, it becomes the ideal choice for paper cups, noodles and soup bowls as they are also food safe, sustainable and renewable. It is also used to manufacture food wrappers,grocery bags, tray mats, meal boxes and fast-food containers as it is highly hygienic and provides low heat transfer and is therefore comfortable for holding beverages for a longer time.

High-quality cupstock paper is laminated with Polyethylene (PE), Polylactic acid or Water Base solutions and is supported by one of its mechanical properties: Scott Bond. Polycoated Cupstock Paper (bleached/unbleached) provides a tailor-made solution for disposable hot & cold drinking cups, dry food trays, and dairy products. For food service purposes, the major coating option is PE which could be coated on one or both sides of the board. It can be coated with a wide variety of barrier substances to provide effective protection against undesirable effects caused by light, oxygen, humidity, grease, or heat. PE coating makes it liquid-tight, it also provides humidity protection and good sealing properties. The poly-coated side offers high moisture and water resistance and also provides strength to the paper.

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