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Glassine Paper






Glassine is a smooth super calendered glossy paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease. This makes it an ideal material to be used in pharmaceutical packaging . It is predominantly used as a base that can be coated using complex polymers. This is an extremely niche form of paper manufactured by only one paper mill in India

Glassine is one of the primary components used for making sachets for ORS and strip packing of pharmaceutical tablets. Some medicines include household names such as Saridon, Decdan, and Practin. The paper could be in either form, as pe coated glassine paper or with a coating of VMCH/HSL . Poly coated glassine paper is FSC and FDA approved.. 

We provide glassine in a variety of forms. This includes pure glassine paper, paper coated with polymers, and paper coated with VMCH. This depends from customer to customer owing to its number of uses and the level of protection it provides. These can be available in both printed as well as plain reels and pass through stringent quality control measures making poly coated glassine paper one of the most trusted forms of primary packaging.

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