Extrusion Coated Paper Laminates

  • Poly Coated Poster Paper
  • Poly Coated Chromo Paper
  • Poly Coated Glassine paper
  • Poly Coated Kraft Paper
  • Poly Coated FBB Boards
  • Poly Coated Cupstock Paper
  • Poly Coated Stiffeners
  • Poly Coated Duplex Board
  • Poly Coated Maplihto Paper

Extrusion Coated Aluminum Foils

  • 3 layer ( Paper, Poly, Foil, HSL )
  • 4 layer ( Paper, Poly, Foil, Poly )
  • 5 layer ( Paper, Poly, Polyester, Poly, Paper )
  • PET/Poly/Foil/Poly

Extrusion Coated Flexible Packaging

  • Polyester Poly with Masterbatch
  • PET/Poly/MET PET
  • BOPP/Poly


  • Blister Foil
  • Strip Foil


  • Rigid PVC Films
  • PVDC Coated rigid PVC films

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